Opals & Gemstones

Opal and Chakras - A look at the New Age phenomenon

Disclaimer: Before we dive headlong into the relationship between opals and chakra points it’s important to highlight a couple of notes— crystallography, also known as the science of crystals, and chakra points are what is commonly referred to as pseudo-science or fringe science. In essence, it means that it is based on beliefs, traditions and spirituality, not - and pardon the pun - stone-cold facts. 

Opals have had a somewhat vertiginous relationship with everything related to spirituality. A relationship that has seen a hike during the past few years mainly due to the New Age movement. Why is that? What makes them so unique? Why do they attract such an open-minded subset? Why are they so alluring? Well, stick around and get ready as we explore the thaumaturgical nature of opals and their power over chakra points.

The allure and seductive nature of opals?


Opals have always been exotic gems — in antiquity, they were far more valuable and fascinating than diamonds and rubies. To what extent? To the point that many

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Opal Myths, Meaning, and Significance

Opal gemstones are one of the world’s most unique and mysterious precious stones, so it’s easy to understand why their history is full of myths and legends.

Opal myths and legends

Opal was once a highly prized gemstone by the ancient Romans – they believed it represented the combined beauty of all precious gems. The ancient Greeks believed opal came from the tears of Zeus, the God of lightning, after his defeat of the Titans. Similarly, Arabic legends say opal fell from the sky amid flashes of lightning. Sometimes cultures credited opal with supernatural origins and powers. For example, ancient Greeks believed opals gave their owners protection from disease, particularly skin disorders and eye ailments.

Perhaps one of the most interesting legends is that of the Indian Goddess of the Rainbow. It is said she was so beautiful that she became overwhelmed with the

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