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Petrichor Gold Emerald Drop Earrings

Petrichor Gold Emerald Drop Earrings

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the scent of the earth...

Bound within the Petrichor Gold Emerald Drop Earrings is an earthy bouquet awaiting release.  Two stunning angular emerald slices flaunt hues of green both rich and raw.  In contrast to their angular silhouettes, the emerald interiors exhibit a softer side through their carbon veining and organic inclusions.  These natural markings in the gold emerald earrings paint a refreshing and olfactory scene; one of damp earth after a rain - you can almost smell the sodden terrain.  Given their visual similarities to foliage, the french refer to these elegant emerald inclusions as "jardin" (or "garden"). Above each glorious emerald, stack three graduated diamonds.  The sparkling diamonds flicker like droplets of water, lingering after the rain, upon these magnificent diamond and emerald earrings.

The emeralds are set with claw prongs upon an open back seat, and regular prong setting is used to secure the diamonds.  A joint between the handmade french earwire and uppermost diamond allows the asymmetrical drop earrings to swing freely.  A few tiny diamonds are set into the sides of each earring; a reminder that there is beauty in the details.  These unique emerald earrings are crafted in 18k yellow gold, and bear a secret message on the back, intended exclusively for their owner.  One of a kind emerald drop earrings.

Metal: 18k Yellow Gold // Polish Finish
Stones: 7.54ct Emerald Slices // .40ct Diamonds
Size: from top of earwire to bottom of emeralds; Left approx 31mm tall x 13.75mm wide x 3.78mm deep // Right approx 31mm tall x 13.85mm wide x 3.45mm deep


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