Galapagos Green Sapphire Opal Drop Earrings


evolutionary magic...

Two spectacular Australian Boulder Opals make an impression in the Galapagos Green Sapphire Opal Drop Earrings.  Inspired by the legendary archipelago, these Australian opal earrings reflect the dark volcanic terrain, the white sand beaches, rolling blue waves and the lush vegetation of the island chain.  Their round opal faces, with flashes of blue and green fire upon the earthy striations make them rare and beautiful specimens.  Above the unusual opals stack five green sapphires, carefully selected to align in a Signature NIXIN Opal Ombré Gradient, ranging from teal hued greens to lemon lime, and reflecting the colors of the Darwinian landscape.  These green sapphire and gold opal earrings serve as a reminder that evolution is constant and change is always possible.

This exclusive pair of 14k gold opal earrings are prong set and have a high polish finish.  The handcrafted french wires arc low, allowing the sapphires to cascade near the piercing, and each opal drop is fixed in place, designed to move in unison with the sapphire bar above.  In back, the opal mounting is open, exposing the ironstone base, and a secret engraving awaits; a message intended for their owner.  One of a kind green opal earrings for the ultimate nature lover.

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold // Polish finish
Stones: 9.18ct Australian Boulder Opals // .55ct Sapphires
Size: Mounted Opals approx. 13.6mm tall (25mm if including Sapphires) x 14.1mm wide x 3.55mm deep // Drops approx 28mm from top of earwire to bottom of Opals