Dusk to Dreams Sapphire and Purple Opal Gold Drop Earrings


as night fades...

When day comes to a close, and night opens up, there is a palpable essence about; one hard to describe, more easily visualized.  The Dusk to Dreams Sapphire and Purple Opal Gold Drop Earrings embody this essence.  Two beautiful Australian Boulder Opals, custom cut from the same stone, display an earthy quality, exhibiting chocolate hues of host rock and rustic patterns.  Infused atop this bucolic base, swim shifting dreamy hues.  One Opal Drop Earring shimmers with wandering flashes of purple and blue, while the other dives deep into cobalt and green.  Different, yet similar, these Boulder Opal Earrings are united in shape and a stream of colors that carry over from one stone to the other.  Bordering each Opal's edge, is a series of ombré Sapphires, meticulously selected to echo the hues in the Opals.  Fixed in place at the bottom of a 1" gold bar, the architectural Opal and Sapphire Drops are livened with motion as they swing from french earwires.  It's in their hues, the colors of Dusk fade into night, where Dreams take shape; the size of these Dreams is up to you.

These mismatched Boulder Opal Earrings sit in custom crafted 14k gold mountings.  Each stone is carefully prong set, and the mountings connect to cylindrical gold bars.  Handmade french wires, attach to the golden bars at an articulated joint, allowing the magnificent Purple and Blue Opals below to swing with a pendulum effect.  These Dangling Opal Earrings represent the limitlessness of our Dreams.  Behind, a secret engraving awaits; a message intended for their owner.  One of a Kind Boulder Opal Drop Earrings.

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold // Polish finish
Stones: 3.55ct Australian Boulder Opals // .44ct Sapphires
Size: Purple approx 10.35mm tall x 8.65mm wide x 4.35mm deep // Blue-Green approx 9.5mm tall x 8.7mm wide x 4.67mm deep // Drops approx 1.5" from bottom of earwire to bottom of Opals