Borealis Boulder Opal Lariat Necklace

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northern lights...

Imagine: the Aurora Borealis captured in a stone - that's what the gorgeous Australian Boulder Opal in the Borealis Boulder Opal Lariat Necklace resembles. Its ironstone background is reminiscent of the dark night sky with beautiful swirling flares of color; predominantly greens, with an ombre spectrum ranging from cobalt blue to hot pink. It's like the Icelandic night skies, concentrated on one small surface.

Such a World Wonder of a stone can hold its own, yet this one is supported by a cast of nearly half a carat of brilliant white diamonds. Two larger round brilliant cuts are suspended at the bottom of the lariat that dangles from the opal's carefully formed bezel. Two smaller diamonds adorn the chain that stems off the Y shape of the necklace. All four diamonds are set in handmade yellow gold bezels.

Color juxtaposed with darkness contrasted by sparkling white = the perfect composition.  One of a kind.

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold, polish finish
Stone: 3.66ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal //.44ct Sapphires
Length: 18" chain with 17" adjuster//lariat approx 1.25" drop
Dimensions: Opal Bezel approx. 12.5 x 13.4 x 3.3mm deep