Dreamweaver Crystal Opal Gold Ring

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dreams in motion...

The Dreamweaver Crystal Opal Gold Ring is a dream come true. A natural Australian Opal, triangular in shape, beholds drifting skies of soft pastels; a scene from another realm. On the Pipe Opal's surface, flashes of green, blue and purple weave about, while billowing pink clouds sit veiled beneath its surface. These arcs of color and soothing sky formations merge as one, woven together in a single dreamscape.

The band and mounting on the Dreamweaver Crystal Opal Gold Ring are custom created for the stone, in 14k gold. The mine to market Opal is carefully set with claw prongs in a low profile mounting. The Opal points to one side, as if to say, "Dreams this way." A secret engraving (and more) sits inside the band, just behind the Opal; a message intended for its owner. Spectacular One of A Kind.

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold // Polish Finish
Stone: 7.2ct Australian Pipe Opal
Band Dimensions: approx. 2.8mm wide x 1.45mm deep
Ring Size: currently size 6.5; resized with order