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Egyptian Sunrise Gold Australian Opal Ring- Size 6.5



"Egyptian Sunrise" Gold Australian Opal Ring is a nod to the incredible and very intentional architectural talents of the Ancient Egyptians...merged with one of Earth's most magnificent and somewhat haphazard creations - the Opal.  This juxtaposition of organized, repeatable structure next to one of a kind geological formation, is alluring.  Together, these forms pair like the Sun rising over the over the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt.   

At its core, is a lavender Crystal Boulder Pipe Opal, set upon a vertical axis, and held in place by delicate claw prongs.  This remarkable stone is nearly impossible to describe; sometimes it appears more flat, while in other lights, it comes alive with paraiba blue fire.  At times, it has a bluer purple hued base, and then, a glowing pink aura will highlight its border, as though the sun has suddenly backlit the stone.  A stunning one of a kind gem.

Offset by an almost 4mm wide band, with satin finish, this ring is a true statement piece.  While the band, 2 golden steps, plus Opal create a 4 tiered step piece, the ring still remains quite low in profile by design.  The stepped edges and inner band are polished for a touch of contrast.  It is at once, angular and soft with curves; a piece full of beautiful and enticing contradictions. 

Only one.

*Note: Opals are difficult to photograph as they look different at varying angles and under different lighting conditions. I do my best to capture them in different lights and as accurately as possible. Please don't hesitate to ask questions prior to purchase. 

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold, satin finish
Stone: 1.1ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal
Size: 6.5 // can be resized down to 5.5 and up to 7.5
Dimensions: band 3.75mm wide x 1.9-1.1mm deep // opal mounting: 13.75mm tall x 10.9mm wide x approx. 3.5mm deep

• Photos are close up shots to provide detailed images of items.
• Please refer to specs and scale shots for item size.
• Opals are soft stones. Please treat them kindly by avoiding chemical exposures and blunt force. 
• Stones are natural, and as such, they may have inclusions or imperfections.•
• Please ask questions prior to purchase.