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Etruscan Grey Diamond Stud Earrings


old world new...

Delightfully modern, yet kissed with a hint of relics from the past, the "Etruscan Grey Diamond Stud Earrings" easily span the ages. In center stage sit a pair of shimmering rustic Rosecut Diamond Slices. Their imperfect texture and pattern are nods to both the present and the past, and an acknowledgement to the grit of the earth they were formed within.

The beautiful color of their 18k gold frames and its soft satin finish pays homage to a bygone era and the rich golden jewelry hand fabricated during that time. All the while, the resurgence of rosecut diamond appeal, the cushion cut shape of the stones, and their gorgeous grey color are all contemporary touches that are hallmarks of the modern day.

Set low in profile, these beautifully imperfect, natural stones are best described as sisters, not twins. Only one pair available.

Metal: 18k Gold // satin finish
Stones: approx .71ctw Cushion Shaped Rose Cut Grey Diamond Slices
Size: including bezels, approx 7.5mm tall x 6.3mm wide x 1.3mm deep

*Please note that most items are made to order, so please allow for the necessary fabrication time (up to 4-6 weeks; sooner whenever possible). We use natural gemstones, and as such, some inclusions and slight variation from stone to stone should be expected.  The subtle differences in each piece are part of what makes it beautiful and uniquely yours.