Eventide Emerald Boulder Opal Gold Necklace

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as twilight falls...

Nestled betwixt afternoon and nighttime burrows a magical time of day called Eventide.  While words can attempt to describe its magnificence, the Eventide Emerald Boulder Opal Gold Necklace better depicts its marvel.  With downed sun, the dusk sky of this Australian Boulder Opal imparts a backdrop of soft grey and muted white clouds while tanzanite hued blues and emerald greens veil its foreground, shimmering as they cover the Opal's twilight sky. 

Above the bezel set Opal hovers a magnificent Muzo Colombian Emerald; tumbled and freeform in shape - the perfect complement in topography and color to the contours and green sparkle of the Boulder Opal below.  At top, sits a beautiful blue Ceylon Sapphire.  Its oval shape, contrasting faceted cut, and cornflower blue color make it the perfect mooring for this Emerald Opal Pendant.  The exquisite hues and their soothing effect serve as a reminder to take pause and recharge.  Eventide marks the end of the day, so the next can begin anew.

This 20" Opal Pendant Necklace is custom crafted in 14k Gold, and has an adjuster link at 18".  All stones are bezel set with open back.  A Secret Inscription sits behind the Opal; a special message for the wearer.  One of a Kind Opal Emerald Necklace.

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold // Polish Finish
Stone: 14.21ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal // 1.46ct Muzo Colombian Emerald // .44ct Ceylon Sapphire
Length: 20" chain // 18" adjuster
Pendant Size: approx. 1.5" tall (Sapphire to Opal + 4.25mm jump ring) x 14.3mm wide x 6.2mm deep