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Golden Arches Australian Opal Ring

Golden Arches Australian Opal Ring

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contours echoed... 

With such beautifully unique markings, this Australian Pipe Opal begged to be transformed into a piece featuring it's unique characteristics.  Thus, the "Golden Arches" Opal Ring was born.  This nearly 3 and a half carat oval shaped Opal is semi-opaque in nature, with magnificent lavender and green flashes, and a faint pink glow from within.  Along the stone's sides, run thin strips of sedimentary layering, and across its center, a stunning Golden Arch. 

The one of a kind Opal is oriented north south, delicately claw prong set, and to one side of the stone, is a double set of Golden Arches made to echo the Golden Caramel Arch that runs across the Opal's center.  But wait; hidden behind the mounting is yet another series of Arches - a secret set of Golden Rings.  Because sometimes it's those hidden details, what's on the inside, that matters when you need it most.  One of A Kind.

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