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Indigo Moon Boulder Opal Gold Necklace


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lunar landscape...(SOLD OUT)

A delectable blend of blue, purple and green hues mingle in the Indigo Moon Boulder Opal Gold Necklace.  An otherworldly Australian Opal is weighted by a medley of cool blues and purples with rich tones of emerald green flickering across its base.  Atop the linear sweep that glides across the stone like a lunar breeze, flashes a lighter shade of lemon lime green, delivering a balance of color and subtle ombré effect.  Scattered throughout the Natural Opal, a hidden surprise; in just the right light, tiny flecks of pink twinkle through the Indigo Moon hues like sparks of magic.  As it slides freely along its chain, complemented by a sparkling diamond charm, this nearly 6ct Australian Boulder Opal Pendant with gently undulating surface, is reminiscent of a heavenly body, unlike any other.

Crafted in 14k gold, this 18" Boulder Opal Pendant is nestled in a hand carved bezel with open back.  Alongside the Opal slides a sparkling diamond charm; a satellite moon to orbit the Indigo Moon.  One of a Kind Opal Necklace.  

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold // Polish Finish
Stone: 5.8ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal // .05ct G VS Diamond
Length: 18" chain // 17" adjuster
Pendant Size: approx. 19.5mm tall (incl jump ring) x 11.5mm wide x 4.85mm deep