Lilac Nebula Gold Boulder Opal Necklace

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lilac magic...

Lilac, lavender and the dreamiest pools of paraiba blues; a nebula of color neatly packed into a minimalist pendant. Set in polished 14k rose gold, this Solid Australian Boulder Opal is complimented by the most beautifully warm hues of pink gold. The perfect resting place for a "Lilac Nebula."

In some lights, the stone's purple tones are most prominent; in other lights, its caribbean blues are the focal point. The holographic quality of the opal's colors, especially the flashes of blue within, are particularly beautiful; like twinkling blue stars. Sweetly appropriate, considering that a "nebula" is a star nursery, where stars are born. 

This gorgeous pendant is made to slide gently across its very delicate 18" chain. 

Metal: 14k Rose Gold, polished finish 
Stone: 1.04ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal
Length: 18" 
Pendant Size: approximately 9.6mm tall x 8.34mm wide x 4.24 deep // 12.32mm tall from bottom to top of big jump ring