Moonlit Sunrise Opal Diamond Pendant Necklace

moon and sun...

The Moonlit Sunrise Opal Diamond Pendant Necklace showcases an incredible picture stone; an Australian Boulder Opal with glowing sunrise.  The early dawn skies, shift from purple to shimmering green, as they transition from night to day.  A golden orb rises from below, its light, radiating outward.  Above, the white diamond moon shines bright, anticipating its pending departure.  Together, these two stones paint such a beautifully rare gem picture.

Both the Opal and Diamond are set in custom created 14k yellow gold bezels, and finished as pendants so they slide along their delicate chain.  Pays homage to the peacefulness found at dawn.  One of a Kind.

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold // Polish Finish
Stone: .80ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal // .03ct Diamonds
Length: 18" delicate chain // adjuster at 17"
Pendant Size: approx. 10.23mm tall (13.28mm incl jump) x 6.36mm wide x 2.96mm deep