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Opalbeam Gold Rose Cut Opal Ring

Opalbeam Gold Rose Cut Opal Ring

OH, WE ADORED THAT PIECE TOO! But we have more items available in our READY TO SHIP collection!

The Opalbeam Gold Rose Cut Opal Ring stands on its own. A 5mm Honeycomb Rose Cut Opal is comfortably gripped by a custom created bezel. The dome of the Opal and it's coordinated bezel are perfectly complimented by the balanced geometry of the round Diamond and satin finished Gold band. The two stones exist in harmony.

*Note: Each opal is unique. Opals are soft stones and should be treated as such. It's also best to avoid water exposure so you don't over-saturate your opal. All orders that are received will be made with a closed back bezel. The last two photos show "Opalbeam" Rings with closed back bezels - this gives the stone a sort of glow, and helps protect it a little from contact with skin oils and lotions. Opals are hard to photograph, so please look at all the photos to see how they look under different lighting conditions.

**Note: As an aside, we get many requests for this style of ring as an engagement ring. We do encourage selection of a harder stone and thicker band when considering engagement rings (as opal is quite soft). This can also be made with a thicker band and handcarved bezels. We also encourage consideration of a thicker band than the original (1mm) when ordering larger than a size 7. The second to last shot shows a 1.2mm gauge band, and the last listing shot shows a 1.3mm gauge band.

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