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Pink Sands Beach Gold Australian Opal Necklace

Pink Sands Beach Gold Australian Opal Necklace

OH, WE ADORED THAT PIECE TOO! But we have more items available in our READY TO SHIP collection!

pink sand and blue waves...

Let this heavenly stone transport you to it's namesake; a "Pink Sands Beach" Gold Australian Opal Necklacewhere the sand is warm and the water is crystal clear. Unreal shades of turquoise flash along the surface of this gorgeous little Australian Pipe Opal. Concentrated along one side, it's as though the turquoise waves break, along the shoreline of the finest pink sand. (Upon close inspection, you can actually see the 3 dimensional sandstone within.) The heat emanating from this encapsulated beach is palpable, radiating off the stone's surface in little swipes of electric greens and the occasional purple flare. It's a shoreline, alive with energy and beauty that merge and convert into the most electric colors. So dynamic, yet so peaceful. 

This one of a kind gemstone is set in custom created bezel with a closed back. A 3/4 jump ring, with 2nd sliding jump ring is attached above, to allow this pendant to glide ever so gracefully along the delicate chain it rests upon. It's sliding motion, somehow echoing the motion of the waves within it.

Don't miss this one of a kind beauty - take the beach with you wherever you go.

*Note: Opals are difficult to photograph as they look different under different lighting conditions and different angles. I do my best to capture them in different lights and as accurately as I can. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions prior to purchase. 

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold, satin finish 

Stone: 1.26ct Solid Australian Pipe Opal
Length: 18" 
Pendant Size: approximately 10.47mm tall x 8.01mm wide x 3.72 deep // 14.08mm tall from bottom to top of big jump ring

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