Spring Rain Rose Gold Green Opal Ring

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sprinkling of zen…

A mystical crystal opal glistens with allure in the Spring Rain Rose Gold Green Opal Ring.  On the face of the Lightning Ridge Opal is the most unexpected pattern; a Yin-Yang of sorts, the symbol of the complementary nature of contrasts.  Toward the upper right corner of the green opal, delicate flickers of blue and green trickle down the stone's diagonal like a gentle spring rain.  In the stone's bottom left, a mound of shimmering green, detailed with the finest feathered pattern, growing upward like a hillside sheathed in new growth.  Beautiful imagery of renewal forms in this crystal opal ring where opposites give rise to one another; rain falls so life can rise, and the cycle repeats anew. 

This rose gold opal ring is crafted in 14k around a green crystal opal.  Pave diamonds flank one side of the square opal which is held in place by claw prongs.  This asymmetrical style is a beautiful complement to our Sunrise Asymmetrical Opal Stud Earrings.  The opal diamond ring is designed to sit low in profile, with the open back mounting set atop a slim band.  Inside the band, a secret inscription awaits - a message intended exclusively for its owner.  One of a kind green opal ring.

Metal: 14k Rose Gold // Polish Finish 
Stone: 1.32ct Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal
Dimensions: approx. 9.96mm tall x 9.99mm wide (incl diamonds) x 2.33mm deep // 3.35mm deep top of opal to bottom of band // Band approx. 1.45mm full round
Ring Size: Currently 6.5 // Sized to fit as ordered