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Striations of Love Pipe Opal and Diamond Gold Ring

Striations of Love Pipe Opal and Diamond Gold Ring

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An incredible pastel palette radiates across the Striations of Love Pipe Opal and Diamond Gold Ring.  Within the pear cut Australian Opal, pale ribbons of lavender, coral, turquoise, green and yellow and beam in diagonals that gently wrap around the edges of the stone.  A rare and remarkable pattern, these Striations make this natural Pipe Opal Ring a true collectors item.

A brilliant halo of sparkling white diamonds surround the incredible Striated Opal; and just like the Opal they encompass, they too are graced with a feminine elegance, with the most exquisite pavé setting and a rhythmic swell of scalloped edges at the Opal's sweeping base.  Set in 14k yellow gold, with closed back, the warm glow of the gold shines through to echo the warmth of the Opal.  The multitude of round elements, like the shape of the band, the curve of the Opal, the diamonds and their scalloping, serve as the perfect contrast to the linear spray of color that radiates across the Pipe Opal.  Together, these details render an epic ring, both soft and striking in one fell swoop.  Mined with love • Cut with love • Created with love • Striations of Love.  

Lovingly crafted in 14k gold, the Striations of Love Ring is prong set atop a full round band with a low profile mounting.  Inside the band, just behind the Opal, sits a secret engraving; a message intended exclusively for its owner.  One of a Kind Pipe Opal Ring.  

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