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The Rainbow Trap Opal and Diamond Ring

The Rainbow Trap Opal and Diamond Ring

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how to trap a rainbow...

Have you ever wanted to catch a rainbow?  Well, we've caught one...with diamonds, no less.  The "Rainbow Trap" Opal and Diamond Ring beholds the most vibrant, trapezoid cut Australian Boulder Opal.  The swoonworthy Opal displays every color of the Rainbow, with bold neon pink and green flashes.  Yellows, oranges, blues and purples, spread throughout the stone, to fill in color gaps around and between.  The fire is displayed in a beautiful, linear pattern, that dances across the stone's surface.

To the Opal's right, is a pave diamond wall, and to its left, a sparkling trillion cut, perfectly sized to fit the taper of the trapezoidal wall.  Opposite the trillion cut diamond, beyond the pave wall, is a split shank, with negative space, intended to echo the the geometric shaped diamond it opposes, and balance the overall design.  The band has also been carefully executed to achieve equally balanced proportions.

And for those of you wondering, yes, the name The "Rainbow Trap" Ring is intended to have layered the rainbow opal is both trapped, literally, and it is a trap (trapezoid) cut stone. 

One of a Kind.

*Note: Opals are difficult to photograph as they look different at varying angles and under different lighting conditions. I do my best to capture them in different lights and as accurately as possible. Please don't hesitate to ask questions prior to purchase. 

• Photos are close up shots to provide detailed images of items.
• Please refer to specs and scale shots for item size.
• Opals are soft stones. Please treat them kindly by avoiding chemical exposures and blunt force. 
• Stones are natural, and as such, they may have inclusions or imperfections.•
• Please ask questions prior to purchase.


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