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Unicorn Tear Australian Opal Necklace No. 15

Unicorn Tear Australian Opal Necklace No. 15

OH, WE ADORED THAT PIECE TOO! But we have more items available in our READY TO SHIP collection!

Nothing short of fantastical, this Australian Opal Necklace bears the colors of legend. A deep purple opal pendant, bands of electric green traverse across the stone. Below this high contrast surface of the stone, a romantic chromatic storm brews. From within its golden frame, the dainty pendant pivots and as it does it flashes a stunning shade of turquoise blue and fierce flickering red — the most treasured opal color of them all. Then the pendant twists back, and these covert colors disperse as quickly as they appeared. 

Set in 14k yellow gold, this Australian Opal is mounted in a handmade bezel with open back. The pendant swings from a delicate 18" chain. A one of a kind purple opal necklace.

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