Unicorn Tear Opal Necklace No. 6


when a unicorn sheds a tear...

What happens when a Unicorn sheds a tear? Why, all its magic is concentrated in that beautiful little droplet; a droplet full of wonder and amazement and more beauty than you could possibly imagine...and just like with snowflakes, each tear is unique. You'll find these rare and incredible droplets encapsulated in a series of Limited Edition NIXIN Pendants called, "Unicorn Tears."

Unicorn Tear Opal Necklace No. 6 is an enchanted Opal landscape.  Bright green fire dances across the surface of the lavender stone, with flickering hints of paraiba blue that disperse as quickly as they appear.  This shimmering color sparkles hypnotically, leading the eye with their diagonal flashes across the Opal's facade. 

Framed in a custom made 14k pink gold bezel, the Opal's already gorgeous coloring is further amplified.  The setting's dainty bail, allows this petite opal pendant to swing freely along its delicate chain. Just like the beautiful beast this tear fell from, it too should roam free.


Metal: 14k Pink Gold // polish finish
Stone: 1.03ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal
Length: 18" delicate chain
Pendant Size: approximately 6mm wide x 14mm tall (incl jump ring) x 3.35mm deep

Video Link: https://youtu.be/xqY1NGz40eY