Unicorn Tear Gold Opal Necklace No. 3

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when a unicorn sheds a tear...

Unicorn Tear Gold Opal Necklace No. 3 is a pastel opal drop of beauty. Her base body tone is the sweetest shade of lilac, which gets darker and lighter based on the varying hues of the host stone beneath her. Above, shimmering in what seems like another dimension, are gorgeous minty green ripples of color. At just the right angle, you can sometimes see a hint of paraiba blue and periwinkle shine through.

This delicate beauty is framed by a 14k rose gold bezel, with open back, and a polished finish to compliment the flashes of color that spark from the center stone. The setting's custom bail, allows this petite opal pendant to swing freely along its delicate chain. Just like the beautiful beast this tear fell from, it too should roam free.

Metal: 14k Rose Gold, polish finish
Stone: 1.08ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal
Length: 18" delicate chain
Pendant Size: approximately 13.95mm tall (including jump ring) x 6.05mm wide x 6.45mm deep (bezel set on stone girdle so stone back touches skin - profile shown in photo)