Unicorn Tear Opal Gold Necklace No. 2

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when a unicorn sheds a tear...

Unicorn Tear Opal Gold Necklace No. 2 is a true color chameleon. No single static image quite captures her full essence; sometimes she emotes a soft but dominant mauve colored pink, and other times brilliant flashes of green and purple flare up from within the crystal body that makes up her upper torso. At certain angles, the most magnificent and effervescent shade of turquoise flashes before your eyes, disappearing as quickly as it surfaced. 

The very bottom third of this small, but spectacular Australian Boulder Opal, is comprised of ironstone, a common hallmark of Boulder Opal, which not only grounds the piece, but gives it an earth balance, contrasting the celestial dew of the teardrop's upper section. 

Set in polished, 14k pink gold, with a handmade custom bezel and jump ring, this pendant slides gracefully along its delicate chain. If this treasured teardrop speaks to you, don't hesitate - there is only one just like it. 

Metal: 14k Rose Gold, polish finish 
Stone: .75ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal
Length: 18" delicate chain
Pendant Size: approximately 13.68mm tall (including jump ring) x 6.05mm wide x 2.67mm deep