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Unicorn Tear Rose Gold Opal Necklace No. 7


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when a unicorn sheds a tear...

What happens when a Unicorn sheds a tear? Why, all its magic is concentrated in that beautiful little droplet; a droplet full of wonder and amazement and more beauty than you could possibly imagine...and just like with snowflakes, each tear is unique. You'll find these rare and incredible droplets encapsulated in a series of Limited Edition NIXIN Pendants called, "Unicorn Tears."

Unicorn Tear Rose Gold Opal Necklace No. 7 is drop of sheer beauty.  A magnificent Australian Boulder Opal with translucent pink base hangs from the daintiest rose gold chain.  Vibrant sparks of green and paraiba blue flash from the stone and in just the right light, it emits a lavender glow.  Just below its flickering surface, hints of an otherworldly landscape peer through.  Together, these bright flashes merge with soft soothing hues, resulting in a vivid, yet delicately feminine piece. 

Mounted in a custom made 14k rose gold bezel, this Australian Opal charm is a pink lovers dream come true.  The setting's tiny bail, allows this 
dainty Opal pendant to swing freely along its delicate chain. Just like the beautiful beast this tear fell from, it too should roam free.  One of a Kind Opal Necklace.  

Metal: 14k Rose Gold // polish finish
Stone: 1ct Solid Australian Boulder Opal
Length: 18" delicate chain
Pendant Size: approx. 12.32mm tall (incl jump ring) x 6.85mm wide x 3.06mm deep


*Opal Note: Opals change appearance under varying conditions. We do our best to capture them in different lighting and as accurately as is possible. Kindly ask questions prior to purchase. // Opals are soft stones; please treat them kindly by avoiding chemical exposures and blunt force.

*Most items are made to order, so please allow for the necessary fabrication time (up to 4-6 weeks; sooner whenever possible). We use natural gemstones, and as such, some inclusions and slight variation from stone to stone should be expected.  The subtle differences in each piece are part of what makes it beautiful and uniquely yours.