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Aurora Lavender Opal and Scattered Diamond Necklace

Aurora Lavender Opal and Scattered Diamond Necklace

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rising dawn

A magnificent Lightning Ridge Opal captivates in the Aurora Lavender Opal and Scattered Diamond Necklace.  Set toward the bottom of this large opal pendant, the oval opal glows dreamy hues of pink and purple with emerald green pinfire coarsing through its form.  Part of a limited edition series inspired by the beautiful rippling effect of wet paper dried by the sun, this Australian opal necklace captures the parchment effect in 14k yellow gold.  Named after Aurora, the Roman Goddess of the dawn, this crystal opal necklace carries the essence of its namesake through the mystical colors emitted in early morn.  Above the lavender opal, a spray of tiny scattered diamonds sparkle against the matte gold backdrop.  Like tiny stars of the night, they retreat toward the heavens as the sun fills the sky with golden light and an opalescent dawn rises up in colorful glory.  It's a story of ancient celestial romance, without spoken word, communicated through jewelry via gemstone and gold. 

Carved using the ancient technique of lost wax, this gold opal necklace is cast in 14k gold and is entirely handcrafted.  The purple opal is bezel set atop the golden disk, and the diamonds are flush set into the rippling surface.    The front of the 18" gold opal pendant is satin finished, while the rim and back are bought to a high polish.  This gold diamond necklace pairs beautifully with our Diamond Pod Gold Earrings.  Aurora is an emotive one of a kind purple and pink opal necklace.

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold // Satin Finish // Polish Finish Rim and Back 
Stone: 1.26ct Lightning Ridge Crystal Opal // .06ct Diamonds
Dimensions: approx. 15.61mm tall x 21.88mm wide x .85mm deep (4.4mm including opal)
Length: 18" chain // 17" adjuster

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