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Our selection of opal earrings - and others - at NIXIN Jewelry includes a variety of styles including gold huggie hoop earrings, diamond studs, and a an array of opal earrings. Whether you desire a simple stud or a pair of mismatched earrings, we offer a range in our collection of handcrafted opal jewelry and one of a kind opal earrings.

Curated Collection of Reverie.

Australian Opal Earrings by NIXIN Jewelry in 14k gold with emeralds, sapphire and tanzanite.

Which Opals are the Best Opals?

Though the question is subjective, Australia is most eminent for its opals, producing over 95% of the world’s supply. Some of the best known types of opal stone in Australia are:

Here at NIXIN Jewelry Australian Opal is our favorite type of opal stone to work with. We believe that the best opal is simply the one you love most.

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