About NIXIN Jewlery - Nicki

As a young girl, Nicki spent countless hours collecting beads and sequins that had fallen off the inventory and onto the floor of “Mimi & Natalie,” her Grandmother’s Women’s Accessories store in Rockville Center, New York. These findings were her earliest treasures that she would transform into beloved pieces of jewelry.

Over time, this passion for creating evolved, as did her use of materials. Having used seed beads and wire wrapping drilled gemstones for many years, she longed to work in cast metals and set gemstones; so she took classes to learn to the lost wax technique. She found dripping wax into positive forms and then carving it away into the shapes of her ideas to be indescribably rewarding.

Her favorite part of the creation process is searching for the perfect gemstones. They’re the heart of the piece.  She designs with the philosophy that the best settings will enhance the stone's beauty without detracting from it.  She believes that the subtleties of a design are critical, so she embraces the special details; nuance is everything. Her designs exhibit combinations of modern minimalism, organic forms, and deco influence. This is a reflection of her personal style; a little bit old, a little bit new, and a little bit raw.

"My hope is that each piece tells a story; it is your birthstone and celebrates who you are, it’s an engagement ring to mark your happily ever after, it has an emerald that reminds you of your mother’s favorite ring. Whatever the story may be, it’s yours. My favorite story piece is a ring that I once made for my grandmother. It’s engraved with a quote from a story she routinely told me. It says, “with all my love, in one fell swoop.” I wear it every day in her memory."

Today, Nicki works with a team of incredible individuals who help to make her dreams a reality.

NIXIN is based in Los Angeles, California where each piece of jewelry is hand made by local artisans. Your pieces are made with intention and love.


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