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Our collection of unique opal jewelry leans heavy in opal pendants and opal necklaces. We love to adorn our Australian Opals in diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. If you're lucky, you may even find a piece with blended gems in our signature NIXIN Opal Ombré.

For the Art Collector.

An Australian Opal Necklace by NIXIN Jewelry made in 14k gold with a Crystal Opal and pave diamond halo.

Is Crystal Opal Really Crystal?

No, Crystal Opals are not crystals.

Opals are amorphous silica rocks that lack formal crystalline structure. Crystal Opals have earned their (somewhat misleading) title due to their diaphanous appearance.


  • Are transparent or translucent.
  • Can carry different base tones (ie: black, semi-black, white).
  • Are famously mined in areas like White Cliffs and Lightning Ridge, Australia.

Q: Our favorite thing about Crystal Opals?

A: They reach their full color potential when they make contact with your skin. We see them as a symbiotic stone.

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