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Bardot Fucshia Rose Cut Sapphire Ring

Bardot Fucshia Rose Cut Sapphire Ring

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The Bardot Fucshia Rose Cut Sapphire Ring
, is a sublime two stone gold ring with beautifully mismatched rose cut Sapphires.  These natural gemstones, dissimilar in size, are bezel set and adjacent to one another, in a modern day interpretation of the toi et moi style.  Their exceptional pairing of rich pink hues combined with their remarkable translucence and reflective facets create a sparkling facade of enchantment.  With rich ruby tones and hints of purple, these fuchsia gems could catch the eye of a hummingbird.

Set in satin finished 14k yellow gold, the contrast between the crisp, clear Sapphires and the matte gold is at once, striking and graceful.  The bezels are hand carved and contour to the finger, interrupting the semi-squared band to sit as low in profile as is possible.  The essence is somewhere between refined and hand-hewn rustic.  Entrancing One of a Kind Sapphire Ring. 

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