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Lavender Cascade Colombian Emerald Ring

Lavender Cascade Colombian Emerald Ring

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A tiered procession of exquisite color adorns this Colombian Emerald Ring. Flanked by purple sapphires and pave diamonds, the balanced asymmetry around the stunning green gem exacts a sublimely unique emerald ring design. The soothing vision, crafted through color, is anchored by a glowing green emerald — nature's color for harmony and balance. Cascading shades of lavender embody an essence of luxury and restfulness. The sparkling white pave diamonds reflect simple sophistication, and the rose gold synthesizes all of the colors into a single serene piece.

Locally made and custom crafted in 14k rose gold, this emerald and diamond ring features meticulously curated colored gems in prong settings with pave diamonds. A beautiful embodiment of hallmark NIXIN Ombré. Inside the band a secret inscription awaits - a message intended exclusively for its owner. One of a kind emerald and sapphire ring.


• Metal: 14k Rose Gold with polish finish

• Stone: 1.02ct Colombian Emerald, .55ct Sapphires, .08ct Diamonds

• We use natural gemstones, and some inclusions and slight variations from stone to stone should be expected. The subtle differences in each piece are part of what makes it beautiful and uniquely yours.


• Some of our items are made to order or require resizing, so please allow for the necessary turnaround time (up to 4-6 weeks; sooner whenever possible).

• See our Ready To Ship Section for in-stock items.


• Mounted Emerald: Approximately 6mm wide x 6mm deep (includes emerald and mounting depth)

• Band: 2.35mm wide x 1.6mm deep

• Ring Size: 6.5 is Ready-to-Ship, Allow Resizing Time for other options


• Caring For Your Jewelry:
Fine jewelry is delicate and should be treated with care. Avoiding any chemical exposures (ie: chlorine, lotion, etc…) and removing your jewelry during rigorous activity (ie: exercise or gardening) or at times of potential impact is advised. Please contact us at for assistance if your stone is loose or your setting is catching.

• Cleaning Your Jewelry:
Soft and or porous stones such as (solid) Opals, Turquoise, or even Pearls, can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water. Diamonds are harder, but not impervious to damage — the care instructions above are safe to apply. Unless specifically recommended by us, we advise against the use of chemical cleaners on your NIXIN Jewelry. Avoid ultrasonic devices with soft and porous gemstones as well as pave. Have your jewelry professionally cleaned as needed.

• Opal Jewelry Cleaner:
We do offer a gentle cleaning agent on-site that is safe to use on most jewelry (including Opals), though we always recommend testing a small area prior to doing a full cleaning. We offer a bottle version of our foaming NIXIN Jewelry Cleaner to handle your jewelry cleaning at home and a Jewelry Cleaning Pen you can fit in your purse and take with you wherever you go.

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