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Made for the dreamers, jewelry collectors and lovers of the unique, we craft our rings to incite the imagination. With an array of opal rings for sale, each one distinct, every piece has an exclusive story formed around its archetypal opal stone.

Inspired Artisan Jewelry.

An Australian Opal Ring by NIXIN Jewelry against a white backdrop. A rose gold opal ring showing the types of opal rings for sale at NIXIN Jewelry.

What is NIXIN Opal Ombré?

NIXIN Opal Ombré is one of our signature jewelry styles.

  • Nicki first sources Australian Opals that possess elusive color gradients.
  • Fusing these Opals with curated suites of sapphires, emeralds, tourmaline and more, she bridges the colors, blending hues between stones, and bending reality to awaken your imagination.

Extraordinary and rare, you’ll know if a piece of this unique jewelry is meant for you.

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