Mercer Pink Sapphire Earrings in 18k Gold


a rustic rose...

Two blushing pink sapphires shimmer with charm in the Mercer Pink Sapphire Earrings in 18k Gold.  Set against a rich golden backdrop, the rose cut sapphires emit a palpable warmth.  Each sapphire facet glistens with energy as light flickers atop its surface.  In contrast to the sparkling stones, the gold in which they nestle has a gentle textural matte finish.  It's a lustrous, satin finish that lends the 18k gold earrings a supple appearance; seemingly so soft, that the rose cut pink sapphires appear to sink into their buttery gold homes.

Hand carved in wax and cast in 18k yellow gold, these pink sapphire earrings achieve a modern organic aesthetic.  The bezel settings for the round pink sapphires have closed gold backs, fusing the hues of stone and metal in these gleaming pink stud earrings.

Metal: 18k Yellow Gold // Satin Finish
Stones: .74ct Rose Cut Pink Sapphires
Size: approx 7.3 wide x 3.15mm deep