Bali Emerald and Opal Stud Earrings


sacred stack...

Australian Opal meets emerald and blue sapphire in the Bali Emerald and Opal Stud Earrings.  Each Boulder Opal in this pair of mismatched earrings reflects gorgeous blues and greens drawn right from the sea.  These stunning hues are echoed in the cornflower blue sapphire and Zambian Emerald, sparkling with intensity, perched atop the smaller Australian Opal stone.  A trinity of gems, these sapphire, emerald and opal earrings allude to the importance of the number 3 in Balinese culture.  Stacked like the tiers of Balinese Temple Pagodas (or Meru), the gemstones draw a connection between art and culture.  Like the temples of Bali, surrounded by lush green landscape and sparkling blue water, these gold opal earrings reflect the same blue green opal palette.  Together, these glistening stones stack in an elegant totem of harmony.

Crafted in 14k yellow gold, these Australian Opal earrings incorporate mixed setting styles; prong settings for the round cut emerald and blue sapphire and bezel settings for the blue opals.  The mountings are open in back and the posts are centered.  With opal studs like these, you're bound to feel a devout connection to our beautiful planet.  One of a kind blue opal earrings.

Metal: 14k Yellow Gold // Polish Finish
Stones: 2.75ct Australian Boulder Opals // .17ct Sapphire // .04ct Emerald
Size: Single stone approx 12.57mm tall x 7.4mm wide x 3.85mm deep // Three Stone approx 11.76mm tall x 7.13mm wide x 3.65mm deep