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Color of My Dreams Opal and Ombre Sapphire Ring

Color of My Dreams Opal and Ombre Sapphire Ring

OH, WE ADORED THAT PIECE TOO! But we have more items available in our READY TO SHIP collection!

The Color of My Dreams Opal and Ombre Sapphire Ring is a one of kind stunning beauty. 

On its own, this 1.58ct, trillion shaped Australian Boulder Opal is pretty spectacular. She's laden with a backdrop of pastel periwinkle and lavender, and above, her surface is laced with firey swirls of pink and green. With movement, flashes of yellow are exposed and if you're lucky, you may even see a quick glimmer of salmon. Pretty much an entire pastel rainbow lives within this stone. Set on her side, with the focal point facing outward, the opal creates a beautifully modern, asymmetrical composition. 

To further dramatize this silica beauty, is an ombre hug of sparkling sapphires. These radiant stones range from lavender to yellow, and each stone is carefully selected to mirror specific color sections of the opal. 

Oh, and the band; loving this shape. Calling it the "shaved knife edge." Its satin finish is the perfect contrasting touch to those vibrant, sparkling sapphires. Definitely one not to miss - may you Dream in Color.

One of a kind.

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