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Waimea Canyon Emerald and Australian Opal Ring

Waimea Canyon Emerald and Australian Opal Ring

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dream hike at hand…

A theatrical Black Opal with deep valleys and lush hues parallels nature in the Waimea Canyon Emerald and Australian Opal Ring.  Within the semi black opal three dimensional layers compose majestic canyon walls, rich with fertile volcanic soil.  As the Lightning Ridge black opal shifts in the light, it reveals intense flashes of lavender, tropical blue waters, and a verdant cloak of emerald green.  Alongside this opal centerpiece, posture three glowing emeralds in a gradient of sizes.  Their lavish green hue is the perfect complement to the Australian opal they accompany.  This opal and emerald ring offers majestic views, palpable earth and restorative qualities of nature - right at your fingertips

This oval opal ring is crafted 14k yellow gold finished with a high polish.  Its band has a subtle convex shape to allow for a comfort fit on the hand.  The opal is bezel set with open back and the emeralds are prong set; all the stones have been mounted atop the band in the lowest possible profile.  A secret inscription is engraved upon the band, just behind the opal - a message intended exclusively for its owner.  One of a kind Australian opal ring.

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